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Business Continuity

Protecting your data with best-in-class technology and best practices

Protecting your business is essential. You buy locks for the doors and insurance to make sure you’re protected against loss while you grow your business. However, what are you doing to protect your data against loss?

Did you know that your data is arguably the most vital asset to your business? If critical information is lost or compromised, it can damage your business and lose the trust of your customers.


Every day you need to protect your data from threats of all kinds. No matter if it’s a hardware failure, extreme weather, cyberattack or just plain human error—when disaster strikes, you need to be sure your data is safe, and you’re back in business fast.

Aegis Network Group's SafeGuard Platform is a tailor-made backup and disaster recovery solution designed to ensure your most vital information is secure and protected. Your peace of mind is accomplished not just with data backups: its complete business continuity. Our platform means your business data is quickly and easily recovered when you need it most.


About Us

Value of a fully-managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Complete Disaster Recovery & Cloud Replication

Fully-managed & monitored

Off-site Virtualization

Complete end-to-end Management of Backups

Cloud Replication

Enterprise-Grade Encryption


Planning Ahead

The technology aspect is a critical component in securing your business data. Equally important, however, is the need to develop a sound Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. This is an evolving plan that ensures every aspect of your business is able to recover and be agile when a business impacting event occurs.


Our team of seasoned professionals will work alongside your business to ensure a thorough plan is developed and is updated regularly as your business changes. Industry best practices combined with experience ensures that your business remains secure and compliant.



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